Self Appreciation

Self Appreciation

By Spirit Dean

Law of Attraction emphasizes the ongoing expression of gratitude and focus on those desired conditions.  The precise opposite of this practice is holding on to negative emotion.  This is why it is important to be kind to yourself.  Appreciate your inner thoughts and allow yourself some self-kindness, regardless of how bad the current conditions may seem, thereby always give yourself an all encompassing self appreciation.

Being too critical of yourself does not do any good for anyone or the terrible state of affairs.  Particularly if we label ourselves as brainless then we have predicted the future, if we identify ourselves as silly then that outcome will prevail.  Thinking in negativity and self abuse will never allow the good things that your desire to flow into your life.

Overt self-criticism keeps inner vibration in a state of self destruction.  Consequently, think of yourself as someone else who you would love to console and to share with them how they have the power to overcome and advise them to make a difference with positive thoughts.  In other words, practice giving yourself the benefit of the doubt.

Always think that you gave it your all for whatever the situation, but stay real that you learned and will do better next time.  Remember how you have accomplished improvement in prior situations and this current discomfort will result in a similar improvement.  Give yourself a consistent level of appreciation so much that it forms a habit whenever conditions seem overwhelming, then you the effort to maintain a favorable vibration will feel natural and allow good things to flow.

Our human experience is to gain ever growing clearness, as negative situations will inevitably come into the certain incidents. Give yourself an act of kindness to stop blatant self-criticism.  Practicing self appreciation will open fresh vision on the subject in question.  Gleaming thoughts will come forth where greater focus on the solution can be applied toward the problem.