What is Spirit’s Will for You?

A common early vision of our creator is the man sitting above in the clouds watching over us and the fear that he doom you to a life of poverty, celibacy, and isolation — or all of the above.  These fears seem mostly amusing now, but they still live on in the collective unconscious that all minds share.

Because of these collective unconscious beliefs, many of us find it hard to fully accept that Spirit’s will for us is to create an expansive and happy life.  Fortunately, the “older, wiser, larger part of you,” as Abraham-Hicks calls our non-physical selves (or souls), knows that it’s spirit.  Our souls are pure positive energy eternally at one with source energy.

Our souls came into physical form to experiment!  In physical life we get to fine-tune our creation skills by using our soul power, minds and emotions.  Our creating helps the universe expand.  Therefore…it’s time to drop the concepts that earth is a school, that suffering is noble, that we’re rewarded in the afterlife if we suffer enough, and that we need to prove our worthiness by fixing a world gone mad.

Sure there’s awareness to be expanded, eternally, which usually involves some bumps and bruises before we get to the AHA realizations.  But life wasn’t meant to be a school with assignments, lessons, and pass or fail.  It was meant to be a playground for creation!

We came here to participate in the eternal expansion of life and to express our passions through bringing them into form.  What you LOVE is your clue to spirit’s will for you.

A passion may or may not become a business. I believe, though, that in these times of global economic transformation, we spiritual entrepreneurs are here to express our passion through creating businesses we love (and to be examples of that to others).

But for today let’s step back from business and look at our lives as a whole.

Are you participating in enough thoughts, feelings and activities that you LOVE? Do you even remember what you love to do? Are you willing to dare to put a little enjoyment back in your life?

What’s something you love to do that you haven’t done in a year or more? Decide to do it. Put it in your calendar.

Then, when you experience what you decided to enjoy, know that you are expressing Spirit’s will for you.  Repeat this process of reclaiming your passion — knowing that doing so is expressing Spirit’s will for you.