The Not-So-Secret Meaning of Your Desire for More Money

Ever feel a bit guilty because you want more money? (Hmmm, why is it that Wall Street titans rarely feel this way? Forget bears and bulls — it’s been a HOG market).

But back to you. All I can say is that you’re not alone. And: it’s time to get over it.

In my experience, people with spiritual integrity rarely want money for its own sake. You’re not often charmed by the relentless acquisition of stuff for stuff’s sake.

The real reason most of us desire more money is so we can express more of who we are in the world.  In doing so, we help the world evolve, because spiritually we’re all one.  Money gives us freedom of expression and that expands how we can serve.

With money we can live in beautiful environments, whether in a mansion or an off-the-grid cabin. We can travel, whether we take a luxury cruise or a volunteer service trip.

Money enables us to take good care of loved ones.  Most of us get huge satisfaction from giving to children and pets — whether our own or those belonging to friends and family members.

For us business owners, money enables us to invest more in our work.  We love having the means to develop ourselves, create new services, and conduct first-class marketing.

The more money one has, the more one can invest and use money for the betterment of many.  There is nothing selfish about it.

Take charities. According to ABC News, 50% of all charitable contributions in the US come from households earning $1 million or more — a mere 7% of the population.  Does this sound like anything to feel guilty about?

It’s not money that’s the “root of all evil.” It’s the love of money.  It is the worship of money, the fear of circulating it, the insane idea that our lives are worthless without it.  When you lust after money, you can never acquire enough of it to make you free.

But when you use money as a means to express the best of who you are, it’s not about the money.  It’s about adding to the life force of everything in the world — including you.

Maybe it’s not economically correct to praise money these days, when all we’re hearing is about is the lack of it.  But I think it’s exactly the time to remember that money, like everything else in physical form, is essentially energy, and energy is limitless.