Your Soul as Business Partner

Are you in business with your soul yet?  Your soul is the ideal business partner. Yet most of us still think we have to do everything ourselves.

Now is the time to befriend your soul, because now more than ever we need access to a power beyond what we can muster on our own.  Did you know that global warming will make the earth spin around its axis faster?  “New Scientist” magazine reported this last April that already our days are crammed and will become even shorter.

If you think you can keep doing everything through your own mental willpower, you are in for some serious stress, most likely followed by complete collapse.  But right now you still have the choice to move in a different direction.

For most of us, “soul” is an abstract idea.  Let’s move it from abstract to specific so we can begin to work with our soul the way we’d work with a high-powered, well-connected, and brilliant, totally-focused-on-our-success chairperson of the board.

Close your eyes, put your attention on your heart chakra in the center of your chest, and ask to see your soul.  Sit quietly and notice what comes into your mind.  If nothing comes after a few minutes, that’s OK.  Just make something up.  What would your soul look like? (The thing is, at some level, we all know the answer, because we know our soul.)

Once you have the image of your soul in mind, spend time with it.  Bring it your questions, your problems, you doubts, your fears. Then pause and listen for answers.

When you ask it is given.  But we have to remember to ask and then stop to listen.

If you will spend just 15 minutes a day talking with your soul — just as you’d talk with any close partner — you begin to move out of stress and overwhelm and into peace.

You don’t have to wait for the world to slow down in order to find quiet.  Just bring on a new business partner: your soul.