The Year of Extraordinary Opportunity

I’ve also asked myself (better known as my Self) how I could best serve all of you who read this at this time.  The answer from spirit was clear.  Always remind everyone: this is the year of extraordinary opportunity.

When everything seems to break down — and we’re sure seeing this on a global scale economically — you can be certain that something else is breaking through.  You can also be sure that divine intelligence is guiding us toward balance, evolution and richer lives.

Maybe you’re like many people and don’t see anything that looks like a breakthrough yet.  Still, that’s no reason for you to stay focused on the breakdown.  The more you focus on the breakdown, the longer you personally will be a vibrational match to it.

Flashing hot pink neon lights: This way to the ultimate secret of mastering the Law of Attraction! Ready? Focus on and believe in what you want even before you have the slightest evidence of it.

Then, no matter how difficult your challenges, this IS your year of extraordinary opportunity. Stop labeling your problems “obstacles.” Instead, think of them as guideposts to your solution. That simple shift in thinking will shower you with opportunities and rapid answers to any need.

Wallace Wattles taught that when we have a desire, spirit has the fulfillment — now.  This new year, right now, in the midst of all the challenges we may face, offers each one of us the path to our perfect solution. Right now.

Instead of resisting your obstacles, resenting them, wanting them to disappear (all of which only makes them stronger), ask your soul to help you discover the way toward breakthrough that your obstacles point to.  Hint: the path of breakthrough always feels good.

Your “problems” exist only to point you toward the solutions that await.  Focus on the breakthrough, and you will have the best year of your life.