Stuck In Place

Stuck In Place

By Dean L. Jones

The Universe expands eternally, which means it is impossible to be stuck.  If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, the reality, is it is only a self-made belief or feeling.

Thoughts create and the feeling of stuck is created by you.  Wrong repetitive thoughts of it is unfair for others to have so much money, or no matter what I do, I end up in the same place, or  my money supply always seems to fall short.  Thoughts like these will manifest circumstances of lack.

Instead, write down the area(s) of your business/career where you feel stuck.  Then you can see in writing statements that are the center of habitual belief programmed in conscious mind.  Now you know where progress is ready with a change of thought.

If you decide to let those stuck thoughts go, begin replacing them with healthier thoughts. A journey begins with a single thought.  Determine thoughts that reflect where you truly want to head.  Forward-focused thoughts expand in likeness to the universe  — always in a creative action as directed.