Minding the Gap

Minding the Gap

By Dean L. Jones

Match with your conscious vibrations of energy to mind the gap between now and your desire.  Accept your ‘I AM’ spirit that aligns with the Universe by dropping resistance to those things desired.

Resistance by and large shows up in the way of negative statements that subconsciously promote a widening of the gap away from your desired manifestations.  The Law of Attraction matches the statements as desired outcomes.  Mind the gap with consistent statements that wholeheartedly accept a supportive universe.

Stay open to inspirations that will lead you to the outcomes of desire, whereas instantaneously your present will improve, although there is always a period of patience that must be enjoyed before fulfillment.  The gap will close accordingly to your energy vibrations that attract things desired.

Consciously mind your gap with happiness to expedite expectations.  By minding the gap future aspirations are lessened, so continually align your with the Universe that always says Yes!  A large gap provides ample time to refine your desired outcomes, so that the universe will match every enhancement and deliver at the perfect moment.