Create Your Future Now!

Create Your Future Now!

By Dean L. Jones

Are you clear on what, exactly, being present in the present moment means?  It serves the Law of Attraction, as the now moment is powerful because it endows you with an opportunity of choice.

Our current manifestations of what is occurring now is the result of whatever we have vibrated in the past.  For instance, if you are not happy with what has shown up, you can begin to change your vibration, whereas now is the only time you can change your future vibration.

Avoid self-talk about not having any money to cover the bills and put together overstress thoughts that make you feel sick to the stomach, where ensuing negative vibrations start to stick.

When your now moment is unpleasant, remember that you have the self-awareness to notice the unpleasantness, and you have the opportunity to change it.  No magic will immediately increase the balance in your bank account or decrease those bills.  Except, you can right now begin to change your vibration about the circumstances by choosing right now to put your vibration power on the side of optimism about your financial future.

It is your vibration that created your money woes, so change your vibration to attract your money surplus.  Do it Now!  The right moment is when you notice how bad you feel, then accept and move into your greatness.  Remove the grim discomfort, and open the gateway to your desired future.

Make use of the present opportunity by correctly managing your vibrations by simply choosing hope over despair, encouragement of yourself over criticism.  Employ the creative power of your choices now to positively improve your future.