Manifesting Spiritual Thoughts

Manifesting Spiritual Thoughts

By Spirit Dean

The Law of Attraction works, indicative by you finding precisely what you were looking for to come upon this article.  The Law of Attraction is always matching us with circumstances that reflect our highest conscious vibration.

In view of that, we should seek to embrace and to trust the Law of Attraction, and thereby build personally truer vibrations.  The power to change your vibration only occurs when once become aware of its existence.

Like anything, a person must learn to build upon the technique gradually, and not attempt to revolutionize internal vibrations all at once.  Living in a billionaire consciousness requires living in a billionaire reality.  Going from nothing to the top removes all reality, consequently realism is an important part of raising your personal vibrations.

This is not to sound defeatist of ever achieving billionaire consciousness, but to appreciate that the Law of Attraction ascends one-step at a time.  Goals are critical and in order to make a goal that is seemingly unfeasible at the present time, you move toward it gradually and in believable ways.

The new introduction of principles can be daunting, and without seeing an immediate miracle one main not believe in its power.  But, when one is ready to accept the possibilities the actions will result in the envision goal.

Disillusionment with results and outcomes are not to be met with thinking that the Law of Attraction, does not work because such actions widen the gap between where you are now and your goal.  The Law of Attraction will appear as a large reflection when you moving toward it and the less you believe the wider the opening of achieving the goal.

The Law of Attraction is not a magic wand, but a maker of lining up circumstances and events to avail opportunity for you to take action on them.  The universe always says yes, and in order to move you in the direction of your dream, one must listen for the requested guidance and act accordingly.  It will feel good when you when you hear it and it will always offer an easy and doable next step.