Discovering Purpose

Discovering Purpose

By Spirit Dean

Please stop struggling with trying to figure out your purpose in life.  Purpose is pre-wired into your heart and soul, whereas we are not expected to find what we already possess.

Civilized society often equates life purpose with our business delivery or career work.  For that reason, when we are not doing dignified work, we sometimes question our life purpose, soul purpose, or inspiration.

If that occurs, question yourself about what work (or works) have you always wanted to perform.  Particularly, think about the desired work that believed you was out of your reach for whatever reason(s).

Stay in that though pattern just for a moment and realize the amount of attention paid to that thought and then realize that Law of Attraction has always agreed, as it must.

As a result, for most people, the problem is not that they cannot find their life purpose, it is that it is a barrier to entry.  To make it a reality, you have to create it.  This is completed by accepting to take steps toward it, starting from right where you are at the moment of thought.

The gap of where you are and your life purpose is undoubtedly distant and may seem massive.  Moving in the direction of it yet.  Spirit has magnificent magnetic power to draw you toward your vision.

Even though, just know that moving along your envisioned journey you may incur changes or expanded visualization. That is because life purpose is not a predetermined outcome, whereas the Universe is not a predestined.  It is a creative thrives on such motion.

Consequently, you must live a creative, satisfying life, which why we are endow with inspiration to live magnificently.  Discovery of purpose is moving toward it versus struggling to find it from a perceptible hole.  Know that your destination is your belief.