By Spirit Dean

The internet has helped to emphasize the concept of linking and a great association with the links concept is thinking about those who help you.  Wisely, it is important to remember that it is people who link your desired resources, whether you reflect on it consciously or subconsciously.

The material culture of living emphasizes self-reliance and individual empowerment, but we cannot omit the invisible linkage of empowerment and that source of power that is mentally invisible.  Often we hear about being in the zone and when we are truly in our personal power, particularly at the utmost soulful level, we are then in true vibration and one with spirit.

Even so, those important lofty goals achieved for your business and/or career were certainly not brought into physical manifestation unaided.  All of the work will never be completed alone, simple because it is physically and spiritually too arduous.

Clearly keep in mind to remember your unseen allies, while placing trust in that they are working on your best behalf, lining up your envisioned end product.  Do not believe in self-will above all, but open your mind to believing in grace and support.  The universe always will deliver limitless amounts of assistance, providing we trust and believe.  We simply have to let it in.

A heightened spiritual awareness is that it is the acceptance of links that become the true blessings!  If there is any self-doing, agree to link blessings to your everyday life so much that they are your expectation and experience versus the exception.