True Control

True Control

By Spirit Dean

We cannot create everything that happens to us.  Even though we create our own reality, and can master our vibration.

Fortunately, Law of Attraction is part of controlling how we respond to our emotions from things that do occur to us.  We are equip to respond consciously to our emotions in business and work.

Emotions are uncooked, and we can repress the negative ones, or cover them over with fake positive thinking (neither are good practices).  All the same, living means expansion, and with expansion sometimes comes discomfort that can strew negative emotion.

Once negative emotion is noted, know that there is something standing in the way of your expansion.  At that time, start working your awareness of and control over negative emotion.  A specific situation does not cause you to feel dreadful, it is the story you tell about that situation.

Happiness can occur when you lose a customer, as he/she was no longer the type of customer worthy of your association.  Likewise, you feel miserable as though you have failed.  It is your story that establishes your vibration.

Separate your visceral feeling response from the situation that provoked it.  Do not fake the funk, as a fake story will not fool Law of Attraction.  As an alternative, use your conscious mind to calmly retrain negative feelings and change your inner conversation in an authentic manner.

When you choose, negative emotions can stimulate an invitation to take control to align yourself with positive expansion.  Now, Law of Attraction is heighten for everything you have wanted to smoothly and swiftly move into your life, as you safely purged doubt and fear.