Disregard Unnecessay Justification

Disregard Unnecessay Justification

By Spirit Dean

Life is short and to dwell on and/or justify ways for not feeling happy and connected to Spirit makes it even shorter.  Whether you are making a justification or another excuse for the high expenses, lack of employment opportunity, dwindling customer base, poor health issues, it can become so overwhelming that the improvements cannot flow into your life if the justifications remain are at the forefront of thought.

Negative issue focusing is wrong, as thinking in this vein widens the gap between being happy, productive, healthy, and even more successful.  Holding a vibration of irritation about inappropriate displeasures that come with every life can be a serious mental distraction, thereby blocking the receipt of the very thing(s) desired.

We are always going to have thoughts of irritation, however, remind yourself if the level of legitimacy is necessary to hold on to such thoughts, or can be it be shaken loose and not held for a long time.  Drop unnecessary brain chatter and more frequently collect only those thoughts that line up positive outcomes.

Making excuses will keep you apart from everything you have been asking for, while affirmative abundance avails itself in the rear.  Bring it forth and to enjoy and give thanks to the miracles that await!