Valuable Act of Power

Valuable Act of Power

By Spirit Dean

Being on a path of conscious evolution will cause application to enact power in order to move to a higher level of being.  An intentional act of power goes against the grain of customary routine thinking an order to determine an improved path.

We are not talking physical, but an act of power over an area of your life that feels anxious or constricted and you want to open a positive energetic way of life.  Once you have targeted the inner place of change it is necessary to perform the action of power from a centered place of belief in yourself and faith in spirit.

Your faith must be so strong and accompanied with a feeling of utmost confidence and deliberate want in carrying the act of power.  There is no place for fear as it is belief that drives vibration.  Make an affirmation and believe prior to acting, and once your action and your belief are in full alignment, when you make an act of power, the universe will respond with YES!

With the extreme natural disasters that are seemingly occurring more frequently from climate change, relentless acts of terrorism, and global economic instability can move our minds into believing that Earth has never been in such a unsafe situation.  Accordingly, now is the time to step up our practice of deliberate vibration in carrying out business transactions, job duties and neighborhood building.

Earth was built on some type of suffering, deliberate vibration is not in sync with suffering, but with unity and progress.  Replace fear and disaster with compassion and deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled by the wish to relieve it.  Move on to the energy of relieving problems as remaining in pity and fear helps no one.

The universe is not design on failure, demise and decline, but on ever positive expansion.  Trust in Spirit’s infinite ability to heal and restore all situations